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Robust and reliable. GE V228 series high performance diesel engines.

V228 series engines - reliable, long-lasting marine strength

GE has been designing and building high-performance diesel engines for over 40 years.

Today, we are one of the world's leading mid-speed engine manufacturers. V228 series motors produce continuous power from 1045 kW to 3060 kW. with exceptional creliability and operating costs among the lowest in their class, GE's V228 engines are the right choice for reliable, efficient power.

They work hard.

GE's V228 engines are high-compression, four-stroke, medium-speed, turbocharged, electronically fuel-injected, class-approved engines designed and built for demanding marine applications. Our medium speed engines are proven to be reliable, with over 150 million hours of service. They are also among the most fuel efficient engines in their class.


They last longer.

With robust construction and guaranteed quality parts, V228 engines are capable of operating economically for over 20 years. Most components can go unrevised for up to 40,000 hours in a typical marine duty cycle. Among the mid-speed engines on the market, V228 engines offer one of the lowest life cycle costs.


They work smarter.

A high-capacity turbocharger, electronic fuel injection and efficient combustion management combine in the V228 engines to make fuel and lube oil consumption as well as emissions among the lowest in the industry. V228 engines comply with MARPOL Annex VI and US EPA Marine Tier 1 and Tier 2 requirements.


The easy-to-maintain engine

The modularized construction of the V228 engines improves maintenance. Among the features that make maintenance easier are the large access doors on the engine frame to reach the bearings and other crankcase components. The segmented camshaft, sectional exhaust manifold and unitized power package are features that simplify component removal and replacement.


Rigid Cast Mainframe

The V228 engine mainframes feature a high-strength cast iron unibody construction. All water, fuel and exhaust piping is mounted externally, eliminating the potential for internal contamination. Large access doors allow for easier maintenance, and the generous housing and ribbed crossmembers dampen vibration.


High performance turbocharger

GE's expertise in gas turbine technology contributes to industry-leading design for turbocharger performance. A high compression ratio improves efficiency across the entire load range. Dual modular pulse tubing preserves exhaust pulse energy for maximum thermal efficiency, and stainless steel dual exhaust tubing exhibits long component life.


V228 Components

Designed for high reliability and low lifecycle costs

The low emission solution

Proven EFI technology, integrated with GE's PowerStar™ engine control module, makes V228 engines the natural choice for environmental compliance. Without exhaust gas treatment, NOx emissions are below MARPOL Annex VI regulatory standards. The V228 engines comply with US EPA Marine Tier 1 and Tier 2 standards as well.


unified power set

Four-bolt mounting makes assembly removal quick and easy. Electron beam welding of the steel casing to the forged head prevents leakage. Stainless steel valve seats, inconel exhaust, chrome inlet valves and valve rotators extend overhaul intervals and component life.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

EFI systems ensure compliance with all major regulatory standards. Precise fuel management and control also deliver fuel savings. The reliability and performance of GE's electronic fuel injection technologies has been proven with more than 150 million engine hours of service over the past decade.

High strength pistons

Forged steel crowns with forced oil lubrication and cooling promote heat reduction for longer life. A braided arrangement, which distributes pressure more evenly, and a reduced design reduce lubricating oil consumption.

A lightweight aluminum skirt offers high heat resistance. The master and pivot rod share a common trunnion, minimizing motor length while maximizing bearing width.

segmented camshaft

The camshaft on a V228 engine is organized into individual sections for easy inspection and maintenance. Forged and hardened lobes reduce wear. Oversized end bearings lessen loads for longer camshaft life.

Heavy-Duty crankshatf

The engine's "one peace" crankshaft is forged from high quality steel, nitride hardened for long life. Rugged crankpins and trunnions minimize surface loads, and large-radius fillet welded counterweights reduce stress for longer crankshaft life.

Tolerant tri-metallic main bearings

Main bearings are oversized to reduce pressure while providing exceptional oil wedge formation for low wear. Sacrificial execution on the overlay promotes quick compliance at startup. A nickel barrier ensures superior heat resistance, while a lead-tin cover serves as a high tolerance contaminant trap for particles and degraded oil.


GE's V228 series engines are designed to power workboats, tugs, offshore supply ships, ferries, dredgers, fishing vessels and other maritime transport applications. Reliable and durable, these mid-speed engines are among the best in their class in terms of fuel efficiency and low life cycle costs. Engines are available in 8, 12 and 16 cylinder configurations.

V228 series engine specifications

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