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Pioneers in diesel engine runaway prevention, AMOT has established itself as the only company in the world to offer the depth and breadth of product options for the safety, control and monitoring of rotating equipment, partnering with Thermo Solutions to the commercialization of its genuine products in national and international territory.

Global business, global customers. Our business is global,   as are our customers.

AMOT is different from others. Our factories and offices are fully staffed with sales, engineering and support located where our customers do business. When you contact  a AMOT, someone who speaks your language will be available to provide the best service available.

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Temperature inaccuracy in equipment can lead to high fuel consumption,  gas emission and slow heating. AMOT Temperature Control Valves (TCV) are   powerful and safe — a perfect “Install and Forget” solution to precisely control the  temperature in lubricating oil and heat recovery in  water cooling systems.


If your system needs precision and flexibility, AMOT Actuating Valves (ACV) quickly adjust to changing environmental and operating conditions. In applications that require engine efficiency  e emission control, it is essential to install actuator valves.


In hazardous environments, a diesel engine can quickly become an ignition source for flammable   vapors which can lead to an explosion. The Flape installed directly in the system is the only solution capable of   automatically stopping the airflow, thus saving the lives of workers on site.

our applications

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Our products

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Access Amot's presentation above, and if you are interested, visit the Official website through the link below:

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