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Manufacture of safety, monitoring and measurement systems for large machines and engines.

about motcom

The intention of motcom GmbH is the development and manufacture of safety, monitoring and measurement systems for large machines and engines.

With many years of experience as a developer of oil mist detectors (OMD) and bearing monitoring systems, Dieter Lott has created the OCom (Oilmist Concentration Monitoring) and BCom (Bearing Condition Monitoring) systems at motcom GmbH to support customers in all matters better and more flexible in the future.

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Our products and monitoring systems

   motcom GmbH develops, produces and sells safety and monitoring systems for large piston engines and industrial machines. In the case of large piston engines, the presence of dangerous concentrations of oil mist is still a serious problem and can result in a crankcase explosion with high repair costs and, in the worst case, risk to the lives of operators.  ;SiCOMS / OCom is motcom's oil mist concentration monitoring system which is developed under IACS Unified Requirements, SOLAS Chapter II-1 and ATEX guidelines.

   Oil mist in engines and other machinery is mainly generated by the friction of metal surfaces against each other with loss of lubrication. Bearing friction can be detected at a very early stage by BeCOMS / BCom, motcom's bearing condition monitoring system. The BeCOMS / BCom meets the requirements of the Classification Societies.


   By using our systems, the operation of your engine or machinery will be safer and more economical.

   The BeCOMS / BCom system can be used in engines and machines (turbines, pumps, etc.) where the shaft is not electrically isolated from the bushings. Uses the thermoelectric effect (Seebeck) to monitor the condition of the motor/machine, bearings and sliding surfaces, allowing faults to be recognized at an early point, which avoids large-scale damage to parts. For machines other than piston engines, a version of the system called BeCOMS ® EM .


   The OCom system is an oil mist detection system without the disadvantages of older OMD systems. It is a pipe-free system, with sensors mounted directly on the engine wall that allows a quick and accurate measurement of the oil mist produced in each compartment.

Measured data from each sensor is sent over a redundant serial bus to the Evaluator which processes and displays data for the entire system. Up to 16 sensors can be connected to an evaluator. In the event of an alarm, the Evaluator is equipped with two independent relays, that is, the engine shutdown can be initiated to avoid further damage.

In addition, measured data can be sent from the Evaluator to a PC with specially designed software and/or to an OCom Remote Monitoring Unit.

PC software is capable of displaying, storing and reviewing measured data.

The Remote Monitoring Unit is capable of displaying the measured data like the Evaluator. It also has the ability to reset an alarm.

   motcom loganalyser is a PC program for extended and detailed evaluation of the measurement data provided by the BeCOMS / BCom system during its operation. The software is also capable of viewing measurement data from the SiCOMS/OCom system. The BeCOMS / BCom and SiCOMS / OCom systems record engine measurement data in daily (or hourly) log files on a connected PC. Reviewing and evaluating this data is vital for assessing engine condition and planning maintenance procedures.





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