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Services provided

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Since 2014 performing overhaul services on MAN STX 18V32/40 and MAN STX 9L32/40 engines at the UTE thermoparaíba plant and UTE thermonordeste on the engines to date.

Supply of EMD diesel engine model 20V645 and parts.


Provide specialized technical services on Caterpillar equipment, to carry out the first stage of preventive maintenance classified "Top End", according to annex "3516C Petroleum Engine PES00001-UP (SEBP4752-48) - Upper End Procedure”

Provision of emergency maintenance service on the water pump and temperature valve of the Cockerill 240 CO diesel engine, at the Guarulhos airport emergency center.

Bergen parts supply

Cummins parts supply and centrifuge services

Supply of 2 CAT G3520C engines and technical maintenance services.

Maintenance and supply of CAT 3412, 3306, C9, WÄrtsilÄ, Bergen, Scania engine, water exchangers, with parts supply and fabrication for the plant 
Overhaul and supply of EMD engine parts, supply of technical staff for more than 2 years for maintenance services on various equipment on the platforms.

Contract from 2021 to the current date for maintenance and preservation of 3 GE 16V228SDA engines   at Petrobras Global Research Center in Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Cummins KTA engine and parts supply

GE/Wabtec parts supply

Supply of 01 (ONE) EMD 20V645 E4, GENERAL MOTORS, 20 CYLINDER V-ENGINE, 2T EXCLUSIVELY for the American Diesel company.

american diesel

What do you find at Thermo Solutions?

maintenance service

energy solutions

Specialized projects

parts supply

Energy projects and solutions

Using the know-how of our representatives with a global presence and long experience in projects in the most varied segments, Thermo Solutions offers specific equipment with the best thermal yields, performance efficiency, low consumption of fuels and lubricants and excellent maintenance and operation costs. .

Thus, the customer will be able to evaluate the best proposal and implementation and operation costs, generating the expected return on investment and the reliability of keeping the equipment at full operating capacity and total control of parts and services costs in diesel-powered thermal machines. , HFO; Gas and Biogas, in the latter we supply designed and unconverted equipment for operation with gases from sanitary landfills, animal waste and synthesis gas.

Operation and maintenance

We service all levels of maintenance on any combustion engine in any location, mobilizing the staff and tools necessary for the activity requested by the customer.

With extensive experience in scheduled maintenance (Overhall), we mix Brazilian and foreign professionals, taking care of all mobilization logistics, obtaining work visas and training within Brazilian standards, global supply of spare parts, aiming to deliver the best performance to the customer. of your plant with excellent contractual cost.

Installation and commissioning

All equipment supplied by Thermo Solutions is installed and commissioned in the field by our team, which is also able to service any equipment from different manufacturers.​

 We are able to supply electrical, electronic and mechanical systems from all national and international suppliers

Thermal machine consultancy

Seeking to combine performance, performance and longevity of equipment, we offer consultancy in the phase of pre-elimination studies, field survey, technical and economic feasibility study, evaluation and commercialization of generation and propulsion assets, auxiliary equipment, parts and spare parts.

Component repair

We serve all customers in field operations, thermal plants, vessels and industrial areas, in addition to having a workshop infrastructure, located at Av. Brazil - Rio de Janeiro, where we carry out repairs, overhaul of equipment components, highlighting heads, cylinders, pistons, Engine Block, Injection Pump, Fuel Injectors.

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